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man stands in agricultural field holding fruits in a crate


Agriculture is the foundation of the food industry – it’s where it all begins. This sector focuses on the cultivation of crops, plants and raw materials used in food production.

a woman is holding a crate filled with mussels


Aquaculture is often described as ‘aquafarming’. Careers focus on cultivation of seafood, optimising farming techniques, quality, and product development.

a woman organises a shelving unit filled with freshly baked bread


Bakery is a creative sector, dedicated to the production of baked goods. Innovation plays a big role to meet consumer preferences and dietary requirements.

a man inspects butchered meat


Butchery involves meat processing and preparation. This includes the skilled cutting, portioning, and packaging of animal meat for various reasons.

woman crouches next to dairy cows on farm


The dairy industry revolves around the processing of milk, and in the production of various dairy products, and offers a wide range of career paths.

two female food engineers looking at production

Food Engineering

Applying engineering principles and techniques to the design, development, and optimisation of food manufacturing processes, equipment, and systems.



Nutritionists focus on the study of how dietary choices impact human health, creating healthier food options and educating the public.

girl on production line


Production involves manufacturing and processing of food products on a large scale. It includes food preparation, packaging and distribution.

woman in food safety kit

Quality Assurance & Food Safety

This sector focuses on ensuring the safety, quality, and compliance of food products throughout the entire food production and supply chain.

research and development

Research & Product Development

Involving the innovation and creation of food products, processes, and technologies, this sector plays a crucial role in developing and enhancing the quality and safety of food.

sales marketing and pr

Sales, Marketing & PR

These professionals bring food products to the market, working within promotion, advertising, and sales of food products and services.

man is moving supply box of apples using forklift

Supply Chain & Logistics

Efficient supply chain management is essential for getting food from farm to table. Supply chain and logistics experts oversee transportation, storage and distribution.