Ensuring the safety and quality of food products is paramount. Those within the quality assurance and food safety sector focus on ensuring the safety, quality, and compliance of food products throughout the entire food production and supply chain.

These sectors are crucial for protecting consumer health and maintaining the integrity of the food industry. Does that sound like your kind of thing?

Professionals in these careers play a vital role in preventing food borne illnesses and maintaining consumer trust., so it’s an important role to have! Ongoing training and certification are often required for individuals in quality assurance and food safety roles, as strict adherence to food safety protocols and regulatory compliance is critical.


Careers in Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Examples of jobs include:

Working for government agencies or regulatory bodies to inspect food production facilities and enforce food safety regulations, they conduct inspections, audits, and investigations to ensure compliance.

These managers are responsible for developing and implementing quality control processes and systems within food manufacturing facilities. They oversee product testing, inspections, and compliance with quality standards.

Food safety managers focus on creating and managing food safety programs in food production facilities. They develop and enforce food safety protocols to prevent contamination and ensure safe food handling.

Lab technicians work in food testing laboratories, conducting tests to analyse the safety and quality of food products. They use various analytical techniques to detect contaminants and verify product specifications.

Often employed by third-party organizations, auditors conduct inspections of food production facilities to assess their adherence to food safety and quality standards.

In the event of a food safety issue or recall, crisis management specialists coordinate response efforts, manage communication with the public and stakeholders, and implement corrective actions.


Quality Assurance & Food Safety Apprenticeships

If you’re looking to kick-start your career in food safety, here’s some of the opportunities currently available!