Production in the food industry involves manufacturing and processing of food products on a large scale.

Want to oversee food production from start to finish? This sector is responsible for transforming raw ingredients into finished food items that meet quality, safety, and regulatory standards. It encompasses a wide range of processes, from food preparation to packaging and distribution.

Those in the production career are always working towards continuous improvement and efficiency initiatives that play a significant role in modern food production processes. Careers in this sector offer opportunities to oversee and manage the various stages of food production.


Careers in Production

Examples of jobs include:

Production supervisors oversee the day-to-day operations of food production facilities. They manage production schedules, staff, and equipment to ensure efficient and safe production. Managers have a broader role in managing all aspects of food production, including planning, budgeting, quality control, and meeting production targets.

Production technicians operate machinery and equipment to process and package food products. They ensure that production processes run smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance technicians specialise in the upkeep and repair of this equipment. They ensure that machinery is functioning correctly to prevent production delays.

Quality control inspectors are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the quality of food products. They conduct inspections, perform tests, and enforce safety and quality protocols.

These professionals oversee the movement of raw materials and finished products within the production and distribution network. They optimise supply chain processes to minimise costs and ensure timely delivery.

Process engineers focus on optimising production processes, improving efficiency, and reducing waste. They may work on process design, automation, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Production planners create production schedules, coordinate with various departments, and manage resources to meet production targets and customer demands.


Production Apprenticeships

Does working within food production appeal to you? With a range of career opportunities available, where do you start? We’ve collected some of the latest opportunities for you to look at.