Research & Product Development is a sector at the forefront of innovation.

This career path involves the scientific exploration, innovation, and creation of new food products, processes, and technologies.

This sector plays a crucial role in improving existing products, developing new formulations, and enhancing the overall quality and safety of food. Innovation in food science addresses consumer preferences, nutrition, sustainability, and emerging food trends.

Research and product development professionals in the food science and technology industry are continually working to create exciting and safe food products that meet consumer demands and contribute to the evolution of the food industry.


Careers in Research & Product Development

Examples of jobs include:

Food scientists conduct research to understand the properties of food ingredients and develop new products. They work on taste, texture, shelf life, and nutritional profiles.

Flavourists develop flavour profiles and may use natural or artificial ingredients, specialising in the creation of unique and appealing flavours for food and beverages.

This role focuses on the sensory attributes of food products, including taste, smell, texture, and appearance. Sensory analysts use consumer testing panels to gather feedback.

Regulatory affairs specialists ensure that new food products comply with local and international regulations and labelling requirements.

Analytical chemists use advanced laboratory techniques to analyse the composition of food products, identifying components and contaminants.

Nutritional scientists study the nutritional content of foods and develop products with specific health benefits or dietary considerations.


Research & Product Development Apprenticeships

Feeling creative and innovative? Here’s some opportunities for career paths that lead to developing and enhancing food.