Agriculture is the foundation of the food industry – it’s where it all begins.

This sector focuses on the cultivation of crops, plants and raw materials used in food production. Food scientists working within this industry work to improve crop yields, enhance crop quality, and develop sustainable farming practices.

It encompasses the entire process of farming, from selecting the right crops to harvesting and distribution. Agriculture is essential for providing the raw ingredients that form the basis of the world’s food supply.

Sustainability and environmental considerations are important in agriculture, as this sector plays a big role in ensuring global food security through the provision of stable supply for food production.


Careers in Agriculture

Agriculture offers a range of career paths that contribute to feeding the world’s growing population while addressing important environmental and sustainability challenges. Examples of jobs include:

Agronomists are experts in soil science, crop production and plant genetics. They work to maximise yields and quality through planting methods and managing factors such as soil and irrigation.

Crop Scientists specialise in the research and development of new crop varieties. Their research helps to create plants that are disease-resistant, drought-tolerant or with improved nutritional and flavour profiles. This contributes to global food security.

This job involves studying soil composition, structure, and quality to determine optimal planting and fertilisation techniques. This helps farmers to make informed decisions regarding soil management and conservation practices to ensure sustainable and productive agriculture.

Farm managers oversee daily operations on farms. They also ensure that farming practices comply with regulations.

This includes using technology such as GPS and data analytics to optimise farming practices. By monitoring crop conditions, they can ensure more precise and efficient use of resources.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in agriculture, advocates work to implement eco-friendly farming practices that reduce environmental impact and promote long-term resource conservation.


Agriculture Apprenticeships