Food engineering is a specialised sector within the food science and technology industry.

It focuses on applying engineering principles and techniques to the design, development, and optimisation of food manufacturing processes, equipment, and systems within food science. If you love to problem solve, this career could be the one for you.

Food engineers play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and quality of food production. They contribute to the development of innovative food products and technologies, improving both the efficiency and sustainability of food production. 

Food engineering is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that offers diverse career paths for individuals interested in applying engineering principles to enhance food production, safety, and quality.


Careers in Food Engineering

Examples of jobs include:

Food process engineers design and improve food manufacturing processes. They work on aspects like heat transfer, mass transfer, and fluid dynamics to optimise processes like pasteurisation, drying, and extrusion.

These will design packaging materials and systems that preserve food quality, extend shelf life, and ensure product safety. They also consider sustainability and environmental impact in their designs.

Specialists in this field focus on the automation of food production processes. They design and implement robotic systems that streamline tasks such as sorting, packing, and labelling.

These managers are responsible for the overall operation of food processing facilities. They manage staff, budgets, equipment, and production schedules to ensure efficient and safe operations throughout.

Sustainability engineers work on reducing the environmental impact of food production processes. They explore eco-friendly practices, waste reduction, and resource conservation.

These scientists research and develop food ingredients to enhance taste, texture, shelf life, and nutritional value. They may work on additives, flavourings, and emulsifiers.


Food Engineering Apprenticeships

How could your skills apply to food engineering? Take a look at current opportunities to find your fit.