The dairy industry revolves around the processing of milk, and in the production of various dairy products.

These products include milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and ice cream (some of our favourite foods!). There is big focus on quality control to ensure the safety and satisfaction of consumers, as this industry covers a wide range of products.

The dairy sector within the food science and technology industry offers a wide range of career paths for individuals interested in working with milk and dairy products – is that you?


Careers in Dairy

The dairy industry offers a range of career paths. Examples of jobs include:

This includes overseeing the processing of milk into various dairy products. They are responsible for ensuring that dairy products meet quality and safety standards.

Dairy engineers design and maintain the equipment and machinery used in dairy processing plants, ensuring efficient production.

Microbiologists in the dairy industry study the microorganisms involved in fermentation processes, such as those used in yogurt and cheese production.

Ice cream technicians work on the production and development of ice cream products, experimenting with flavours, textures, and ingredients.

Dairy farm managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of dairy farms, including the care and milking of dairy cows.

Marketing specialists promote dairy products, conduct market research, and create marketing campaigns to increase consumer awareness and demand.


Dairy Apprenticeships

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