Aquaculture focuses on the cultivation of seafood such as fish and shellfish, and can often be described as ‘aquafarming’.

Food technologists in this sector work on optimising fish farming techniques, ensuring water quality, and developing new products. Sound like something you’d like to work on?

This includes working with a wide range of species such as fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. Quality control and seafood safety are essential aspects of aquaculture, with seafood quality analysts playing a crucial role in ensuring product safety.

Moreover, aquaculture plays a critical role in meeting the global demand for seafood while contributing to sustainable food production.


Careers in Aquaculture

Aquaculture offers diverse and rewarding career paths. Professionals in this field play a vital role in both meeting the demand for seafood and addressing sustainability and environmental challenges in food production.

These professionals oversee day-to-day operations on aquaculture farms, ensuring the health and well-being of aquatic organisms.

Seafood quality analysts test and monitor the quality and safety of seafood products to meet industry standards.

Aquatic biologists study the biology and behaviour of aquatic organisms. Work may include developing breeding programs to improve the genetic traits of farmed fish or creating strategies to enhance aquatic ecosystem health.

This specialism is focused on the health and welfare of aquatic animals. Ensuring farmed aquatic species are in good health by diagnosing, treating and working on the prevention of disease.

These are in charge of the early stages of aquatic organism development. It includes breeding, hatching, and rearing young fish or shellfish until they are ready for transfer.

Researchers conduct scientific studies to advance aquaculture techniques and sustainability. Work may involve topics such as nutrition, disease management, and environmental impact.


Aquaculture Apprenticeships

Love seafood? You could play a role in contributing to a stronger industry that focuses on better quality and sustainability. Here’s some of the current opportunities available.