Butchery involves meat processing and preparation. This includes the skilled cutting, portioning, and packaging of animal meat for retail sale, restaurants, and other food purposes.

Do your skills lie in butchery? Butchers and meat professionals often require training and certification in food safety and meat processing techniques – there’s a little more to cutting up meat than it looks! This is because quality control and food safety are paramount in butchery to prevent food borne illnesses and maintain product integrity.

Food technologists in this sector ensure meat safety, quality, and flavour. They’re the ones who ensure the meat that is packaged up for commercial and domestic use is safe to eat.


Careers in Butchery

It offers a range of career paths for individuals interested in working with meat and contributing to the culinary world. Examples of jobs include:

These skilled professionals are responsible for breaking down carcasses into various cuts of meat, such as steaks, roasts, and chops. They also prepare specialty cuts, ground meat, and sausages.

This role ensures meat products meet safety and quality standards. They conduct inspections, monitor hygiene, and enforce sanitation protocols.

These professionals are responsible for packaging and labelling meat products for retail sale. Ensuring that packages meet regulatory requirements and include necessary information needed for sale.

Culinary butchers work in restaurants, hotels, and catering services. They prepare meat for culinary purposes, collaborating with chefs to create dishes.

These work in meatpacking plants and industrial settings, processing large quantities of meat into various products. This includes products such as ground meat, deli meats, and frozen cuts.

Sales representatives in the meat industry liaise between suppliers, such as meatpacking companies, and retailers or restaurants. They manage accounts and promote meat products.


Butchery Apprenticeships

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