KS3 Biology

Learn about biology and examine the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution of all living things.

This page provides resources covering varies of biology, with topics including:

  1. Structure and function of living organisms – cells and organisation, skeletal and muscular systems, nutrition and digestion, gas exchange systems, reproduction and health
  2. Material cycles and energy – photosynthesis, and cellular respiration
  3. Interactions and interdependecies – relationships in an ecosystem such as food webs
  4. Genetics and evolution – inheritance, choromosomes, DNA and genes



Living Organisms – BBC Bitesize

Structure and Function of Living Organisms – Moore 2 Learn

Cycling of Materials – BBC Bitesize

Food Webs and Interdependence – STEM

Inheritance and Genetics – BBC Bitesize

Yoghurt Production

Hydrogenation and esterification PDF

What is a Healthy Fat?