Feeling unsure about your next steps after leaving school?

There are a few different paths you could go down, and we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of apprenticeships.

Gain Relevant Experience

Apprenticeship programmes are designed to teach those taking part all required skills needed to work within that industry. You will be working within a team of experience professionals, thus will have the opportunity to learn from others and expand your knowledge.

Your colleagues will be able to give you advice and support your development as you move through your apprenticeship – and you’ll get used to working in situ right from the start! This helps to bridge the gap often felt between finishing education and starting a professional job.

Guidance & Support

Following on from the above, throughout the programme you will benefit from the support of your employer, colleagues and course tutors: providing a range of opportunities to ask questions and learn on the job.

Apprenticeships tend to offer more support in comparison to regular jobs, as the aim is to guide you through the steps towards starting a career.

Earn Whilst You’re Learning!

You will be working throughout your apprenticeship, which means you’re earning a wage whilst gaining the qualification.

What is the pay for apprenticeships? It largely depends on the employer, however the UK has a national minimum apprenticeship wage rate so the pay has to be at this rate or higher.

Move Ahead in Your Career

Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to learn and practise skills in a real-life setting, with other professionals.

The job market can be difficult to get into, and often, once they graduate, students can struggle to land their first professional job due to lack of experience. Having experience as an apprentice can help you with this aspect when it comes to applying and interviewing for future jobs.

What’s more, you may even receive a full-time job role offer from the company you work with throughout your apprenticeship.

Gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification

During your apprenticeship, you will be studying towards a qualification that is national recognised and accepted. This helps to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, alongside the work experience gained.

Networking & Building Contacts

As you’re spending the majority of your time within a professional setting, you’ll meet lots of people within the industry. It is worthwhile creating a LinkedIn page so you can connect with these people, and then in the future you still have them within your circle.

Enjoy Student Discounts

And something that’s always good to know – you will be entitled to an NUS student discount card! This provides offers across several restaurants, shops and gyms, so it’s worth looking into!

Have you thought about an apprenticeship in food science and technology? Check out our industry pages for more information on the types of careers that exist, and use our apprenticeship portal to find all current opportunities!