What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship combines practical training within an employed role, alongside studying towards a qualification. Typically, the split between these two aspects will be around 80/20, however this will depend on specific courses.

Apprenticeships are available at different levels, whether you are a school leaver, looking to upskill or have a complete career change.

What to Expect Working as an Apprentice

Once you have confirmed your apprenticeship with the employer, they will provide you with all details needed to do the job. This includes things such as your work hours, job description, dress code/uniform and any tools you may need.

You will also have to confirm with the place of study and understand what is required to gain the qualification. This may include attending classes, assignments, or exams throughout the year.

Earning as an Apprentice

Your wage as an apprentice will depend on the company you work for, the industry and the location. All companies have laws to abide to when it comes to employee wages, and these come under National Minimum Wage rates. This differs depending on age, and changes annually.

Apprentices are entitled to the apprentice rate if they are:

  • Under 19 years old OR
  • Over 19 years old, and in the first year of their apprenticeship

Apprentices are entitled to the minimum wage rate for their age if they:

  • Are over 19 years old AND
  • Have completed their first year of an apprenticeship

This means that apprentices will earn this wage at a minimum. However, it should be noted that companies may pay higher wages than this, which is something to discuss during your application and interview.

Food Science Industries

There are numerous areas to work in within the food science and technology industry, thus the career opportunities are vast.

Whether your interest lies in growing produce, baking cakes, exploring the science behind nutrition, or looking to bring products to market (to name just a few!) – there’s something out there for you.

Check out our resources to learn more about the different industries and the types of career paths that are available.